CrossFit rings – How to get the best out of them

The availability of a myriad of CrossFit equipment underscores the multifaceted nature of a CrossFit training program. Of all the equipment available, CrossFit rings deserve a standing ovation due to the large number of exercises that they encapsulate.

Crossfit rings

Here are some Crossfit ring training ideas and their benefits.

Ring rows

A ring row or a horizontal row is a reverse pushup. It strengthens muscles and corrects their imbalances, setting the stage for successful sporting such as in rock climbing and boxing. It also improves midline stabilization and endurance.

The crunch and row is a simplified ring row while an elevated ring row is more difficult ring row. Whenever performing a ring row, it is always advisable to ensure that the body is straight and the pull is slow and smooth. Additionally, movement should be all the way down and all the way up, with no in-betweens.

Obviously, piking and arching will lead to a “square peg in a round hole situation.”


Push-ups are usually performed when the rings are about waist height. Alteration of the ring positions hardens or simplifies the process progressively as the athlete is steered towards balanced musculature.

Ring dip

This forms part of the calisthenics of CrossFit training where an athlete, vertically supported on the rings, bends until the shoulders are below the elbows. During this exercise, the arms should be straight, the shoulders should be pushed down and the chest up and arms should be kept off the ring straps.

This way, the athlete opens doors to several benefits, including body stability and strength.

Pull-ups and inverted pull-ups.

Pull ups require shoulder flexibility in order to set the shoulders into unrestricted movement. Inverted pull ups can be done on both the pike and straight positions, and they are built on stabilization and shoulder flexibility.

Back lever and Front lever

A back lever is a straight-body strength move that begins and ends in a pike position. It is usually combined with the skin the cat move to accentuate the arm, heel and butt muscle workout. On the other hand, tucked front lever, single leg front lever and straddle front lever work towards attaining a stable leg-together front lever.


An L-sit exercise entails holding the feet at the hip level for a specified period of time. Legs are required to be straight during this exercise, forming an L-shape. Each of the afore-mentioned exercises is designed for a specific purpose.

This explains why CrossFit is a whole body work-out program that does not leave any muscle untrained. Furthermore, other exercises are also available,

  • Hang pull-through to skin the cat pull-out
  • Straight-body inverted hang
  • Pull-up to lever
  • Hollow body training
  • Forward roll to inverted hang
  • Shoulder stand
  • Support swings
  • Bent-arm press to handstand
  • Muscle-up
  • Backward roll to support
  • Kip to support

With out a doubt, CrossFit rings are the foundations of a limitless range of exercises that can set the wheels of weight loss and fitness into accelerating motion. Their availability in various materials, colors as well as strap and buckle style adds color to the already good package.

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