Crossfit Training For Weight Loss Can Work For You

An important question that is on the minds of those researching Crossfit training is what does it do for your body? Which is a valid question, as you would want to know what you’re signing your body up for beforehand.

Crossfit training has grown to become the most popular fitness sport in the United states, having boxes (gyms) and Crossfit-style gyms all over the world. It is a fitness philosophy which aims to train all parts of your body, and guide you to all round fitness.

Crossfit Training

Crossfit’s philosophy incorporates High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is a great recipe for weight loss. So, if weight loss is your major concern, then be rest assured that Crossfit can help you achieve that.

However, you have to keep in mind that Crossfit cannot independently help you to get fit and control your weight if you do not watch what you eat. Crossfit has a series of highly intense WOD’s which are designed, so ou push your body to its limits and help you shed those extra pounds, workouts of the day with names like:

I. Helen
II. Fran
III. Eva
IV. Grace
V. Karen

These are just a few WOD’s, and Crossfit is known for giving their WOD female names, which the founder of Crossfit stands strongly by. The workouts are either time-sensitive or limit-sensitive.

This simply means that you’ll either be required to complete a series of workouts in a given time-frame, or repeat a certain workout until you reach your limit. This is always indicated on the international Crossfit website, or your box’s own website.

What To Expect When You Start

  1. If you’re taking your first Crossfit class in a few days, what you should expect is muscle soreness and loss of breath. This is simply due to the fact that you’re exercising muscles that have laid dormant for years, and are not used to being utilized.

Also, your lungs are not conditioned to such a high intensity training. So, even if it’s your first class and you are merely undergoing the basic stretching motions, you will be sore and you will lose your breathe. This should ease up after a week or two of training.

2. You are likely to gain more weight before you begin to lose weight. This is because muscles weigh more than fat, and as you’re working on your muscles they will increase in size rapidly until they get to a stage and stop.

During this time your body will be getting rid of the dormant water weight and puffiness. After your muscles stop growing, you will begin to notice a significant lose in body weight, and your whole body will begin to thin out.

3. The workouts will not get easier, and they are not supposed to. With Crossfit when you break a certain limit, your body creates another and it is your job to break that limit. You have to keep striving to be the best version of yourself. You should find your fine line between overexertion and going the extra mile.

Benefits Of Crossfit Training

I. Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Crossfit can help you achieve that. It’s range of High Intensity Interval exercises are prime to help you achieve your aim. Crossfit provides an opportunity to work every muscle group, and every inch of your body to help you shed those pounds.

That aid, if you are solely looking to lose weight, then Crossfit might be an overkill for you. There are friendlier and equally effective plans to help you shed weight. Crossfit is for those looking to achieve total body fitness and maintain it, so if this isn’t what you seek then Crossfit might be too much too soon for you.

II. Total Body Fitness

This is Crossfit’s main aim and the reason why they started this program, to help participants achieve total body fitness. There is not one muscle group that will be left out or be solely concentrated on. You get to improve on your total body strength and stamina, constantly.

III. Mental Fitness

When you get into the grind of Crossfit training, you get to learn new things and quirks about yourself, you get to push yourself to your limit and subsequently overcome that limit. With Crossfit you become aware of your mental strength and get to exert it when you convince yourself you endure 15 seconds of your air squats when your legs are quarter to giving out.

Crossfit helps you realize the power of the mind, and how you can achieve anything with the right mindset.

IV. More Energized

Do you know what’s fun about having more muscle and less fat in your body? More energy! After getting rid of the unnecessary fat in your body, you feel lighter and have a lot more energy and willingness to undertake tasks at home and at work. This is one of the ways in which Crossfit gets to positively impact the other areas of your life, and will make you a lot happier and fulfilled.

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