Crossfit Weights: Things to Expect Once You Start

Crossfit Weights: Things to Expect Once You Start

The aim of training in crossfit and with crossfit weights is to keep the body fit, healthy and functioning.  However, there are some immediate things that will happen when you start crossfit. The following are just a few of things you should expect :

1. You’ll find out how shapeless, you are

When starting your workouts you will definitely realize how shapeless or unfit your appearance is. Basically, the preliminary stages of your crossfit will simply consist of some basic instructions and a little stretching, low paced workouts.

At these sessions, you’ll profusely sweat and need several breaks to rest a bit, even if the exercise isn’t heavy. The reason for behavior happening is being a lazy shit for years without stretching and engaging your muscles, which have been dormant and unused. This will only happen for the first weeks and you’ll eventually get it over when your muscles get used to being used.

2. You’ll realize how big and fat you are, compared to real athletes

When looking at yourself, you’ll find out that you are actually fat compared to those going to the gym regularly. This will come where you find your gym instructor has a better physique than you do, even if you are bigger than he is.

Having a well trained physique makes an individual more powerful than fat people. It won’t be a surprise to find someone with a small body, but stronger than you just because the person goes to a crossfit gym on a regular basis. This means that once you join crossfit, you will start out looking weaker and fatty.

3. People will start noticing you

Any person determined to keep fit and goes to crossfit regularly will definitely start to change in terms of body appearance and literary their behavior as well. When this happens, your family, friends, even casual acquaintances will say one or two things about your new look. This is one of the best facts to start training with crossfit weights to start working out.

4. You’ll start respecting stamina and endurance

Once you start your crossfit whether in a facility or a home gym, you will start respecting your endurance and stamina. Probably when you were a kid, you wondered about how much weight you can carry and this idea can only grow out once you begin training crossfit. One of the things that you might get amazed about are things such as lower back strength, quad strength and your general fitness levels.

5. Gaining more weight at first

Training crossfit, gaining weight is one of the frustrating things to experience. Since you are starting and probably trying to exercise muscles, which have never been in any gym for quite a long time. Therefore, working these muscles for the first time will add more mass, which leads to extra weight. However, once you hit the tipping point, the muscles you have added will start burning enough calories, hence dropping some weight.

Basically, there are lots of things you may experience immediately you start your crossfit and some are have been discussed above. Nevertheless, this kind of experience may differ from one individual to another depending on how you’ve been living your lifestyle. It’s a good thing to consult an instructor before starting for better ideas to get you started.

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