Your Home Needs Home Pull Up Bars

Pull ups are generally a cornerstone of most workouts, as these exercises perfectly work all the types of muscles in the human body. The great thing is these exercises require little equipment to start and the gym is usually one of the places to find pull up bars and other necessary equipment for any exercise program.  However, for the majority of people, going to a gym may sometimes be a difficult thing to keep up doing from time to time. In that regard, having home pull up bars if you want to do a fast blast out.

Home pull up bars

Types of a Home Pull Up Bar

There are two major types of pullup bars available in the market. They include a removable pullup bar and a fixed-screw in doorway pull-up bar which are perfect for a home garage gym.

1. Fixed Pullup Bar

There are a few disadvantages of this particular type of pullup bar.  The main benefit is that it’s there each time you set your eyes on it, hence encouraging you to do some pull ups reps, that’s right you have no excuse.

pull up barsThis is an advantage because every time you at home, you can exercise as much as you want contrary to having a gym membership where you are required to go according to your everyday schedule.

However, the only disadvantage of a pull up bar is that the bar being fixed in the door frame does not look good and can get in the way sometimes. Therefore, if you are concerned about the look or convenience of doors in your home, then this might not be a good idea for you.

This actually can force you to put it in a place where isn’t visible by your guests, probably in the bedroom door-frame for instance.

To install a fixed pullup bar you need to have some knowledge about how to do it yourself, which is the basic knowledge of putting some screws in the right place. But, if you aren’t competent enough to do it yourself, the removable chin up bar can be the best option for you.

2. Removable Pull Up Bars

These are relatively bigger and a bit more expensive compared to the fixed bar type. Removable bars work by simply using your general body weight to hold it in the right place in front of your door frame.

Their obvious advantage is that you can move them from one place to another in an easy and convenient way. Therefore, they are convenient to keep them somewhere when not suing. Another important benefit of this particular type of pull up bars is that they don’t need to be installed or mounted on something.

These two types of pull up bars are excellent to use at home at any given time. Their effects to your body are equally the same. However, if you’re really serious about your body fitness, looking for the best quality equipment should be your first priority. Sturdy and sophisticated equipment for fitness will definitely help you get the results you want.

Lastly, portable and removable types of these Home pull up bars is the best option for those people who are always on the go. Pull up bars whether for domestic or commercial use are created with welded gauge steel and triangular gussets to add more strength. Regardless of your overall body weight, these two types typically support a lot of weight.

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