A Review of the Best Crossfit Equipment Packages

A Review of the Best Crossfit Equipment Packages

Ok, so maybe you got the itch, and are interested in joining the fitness revolution that is crossfit but unfortunately, you don’t have the much needed and necessary crossfit equipment to get you started. Or, you’ve been doing your crossfit somewhere else but now you’ll want to have your own equipment, but you don’t know where to start. Here is a list of some of the best crossfit equipment packages that might suit your needs.

1. The Minimal Crossfit Equipment Packages

There are basically two types, which are very basic. They normally comprise of bumpers, bar, kettle ball and other little equipment.

• Bronze Starter Package

This particular package comes from Gringesport. A standard usually includes an a 20-kg Bomba-Olympic Bar, spring collars, a kettle ball weighing 24 kg, sandbell weighing 20 lbs, a speed rope and some more.

It tends to be the lowest crossfit equipment package in the market today. This package also includes other quality things like bumper and barbell plates. Shipping is free of charge too, but it depends where you buy it.

• SoCal Starter Package

This is yet another type of minimal crossfit equipment package introduced by Rogue. It includes things such as spring collars, HG bumper plates, Beater Barbell, a Rogue Rings, kettle bell weighing 24 kgs just to mention a few. It seems not to have much difference from its counterpart discussed above. Shipping is also free.

These two packages are just for beginning, so you’ll need more equipment regardless of your preference and level you are at. Ideally, some of the following packages are necessary and important.

2. Partial Crossfit Equipment Packages

Contrary to the minimal packages, the following two packages are in some ways better than they are. For a home crossfit gym, these two packages offer almost everything that is necessary and important for your training. They include:

• Gold Package

This is yet another advanced package from Fringesport that include Lockjaw collars, Bomba Men’s Bar, OFW bumper plates weighing 260 pounds, the change plates of Troy Olympic, stud pull-up bar, 4 kettle bells, 3-sided plyometric box, medicine ball weighing 20 pounds, speed rope, an abmat, and gymnastic rings. This is a nearly complete crossfit equipment package, which misses only a few things like parallettes. All products from Fringesport are shipped free of charge, so this particular do apply as well.

• Bravo Package

This is a package from Rogue that also includes Ohio Bar coated with zinc and better than Beater Bar available in the SoCal package. Other equipments are a set of Rogue Rings, kettle bells weighing 35 and 55 pounds, HG collars, SR-3 speed rope, and many more.

3. The Warrior Crossfit Package

The warrior crossfit package comes from Rogue and generally, contains just about all necessary equipment anyone could ever require for a home crossfit gym. It comprises bumper plates weighing around 320 pounds, five kettle balls, parallettes, rings, and collars, slam ball, an Ohio Bar, change plates, Dynamax ball, speed rope, an abmat and a climbing rope.

It’s actually a huge collection, which is relatively affordable (read about how to choose the cheapest crossfit equipment here). The rower is one of the things that make it different from other types of packages.

To sum it up, these are just a few of crossfit equipment packages readily available in the market today. They are all available for domestic and commercial use. Lastly, it’s recommended to start working with the smaller minimal packages and upgrade later for better results, rather than starting with the warrior package that might end up discouraging you even before you start the crossfit journey.

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